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Superwoman Syndrome

Have you ever really paid attention to Superheroes in movies and in comic books? They always seem so serious and most of the time on edge, even though they are doing great things and saving the world. There's a reason for this. They're holding the weight of the world on their shoulders at any given moment. Have you ever felt like this? Trying to do it all and be everything to everyone? More and more women are trying to do it all these days. Putting in long hours at work in an effort to climb the ladder, putting in even longer hours at home taking care of children and/or a partner, volunteering for kids activities or community events, trying to be a good friend and maybe even putting in some time at the gym. Does this sound familiar? Does it sound exhausting? I see women like this all of the time and most just seem frazzled, chaotic and burnt out on life. I call it Superwoman Syndrome.

But, who says you have to do it all? Maybe it's time to ask yourself a few questions: What am I trying to prove? Who am I trying to impress? What effect is this having on my life and my health? What can I do to slow down and enjoy life?

Although it's just a start, try these five things now, to help your inner super woman find the inner balance she needs to be truly SUPER!

1) Just say no. NO...this one little word might just be the hardest word for women to say. But sometimes putting yourself above the PTA meeting or chairing the next committee is the key to your health and your sanity. Your family and friends will still love you even if you say the dreaded two letter word. 2) Take one digital free day per week. Let's face it, social media can be a time suck. We're glued to our phones, tablets, and computers and are constantly inundated with information. Give your eyes and your brain a rest and you'll feel rejuvenated. I promise, you won't miss out on anything important. 3) Run your own race. This one can be tough, especially if you believe everything you see on social media. News flash: people only post what they want you to see. The perfect relationship, family, vacation...taking the high points of life and posting them for the world to see. Just remember, everyone has bad days and good days. Don't compare yourself to anyone when all of our paths are so different. Besides, we need them to be different, otherwise how boring would this life be?! 4) Do something for yourself at least once a week. Self care is one of the most important things we can do. If you're not happy, how can anyone in your life be? Take a long bath, meditate, go on a long walk in the sunshine, get a massage. Whatever it is that makes you happy and is just for you, do deserve it! 5) Be grateful for what you DO have. Remembering each day, the multitude of things you have to be thankful for will not only allow you to feel the joy that is already in your life, it will be contagious and you'll naturally find even more to be grateful for. Remember, you already are a superwoman so just relax and enjoy it!


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