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Smooth skin is super sexy! That's why it's super important to slough off those dead skin cells so that your skin, the largest organ of your body, can stay healthy, rejuvenated, soft and just glowing. Exfoliation can not only detox and improve the tone of your skin, but...

Wanna feel better immediately? Taking a shot always works for me. Not the kind of shot you might be thinking (although I've been told, those work pretty well too). ;)

An anti inflammatory shot!  When I start to feel a little run down or if my immune system just feels li...

There's nothing better than a frozen, sweet, summertime treat! But, why get unhealthy about it if you can keep it healthy and be just as satisfied as if you went nuts on a pint of ice cream.  This quick and easy gelato is the perfect summer sweet!


December 11, 2016

This Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is a "guilty pleasure" you won't have to feel guilty about. Cacao, one of nature's super-foods, is full of magnesium, calcium and iron as well as tons of antioxidants. Not to mention, the main ingredient, hazelnuts are chocked full of man...

Have you ever really paid attention to Superheroes in movies and in comic books? They always seem so serious and most of the time on edge, even though they are doing great things and saving the world. There's a reason for this. They're holding the weight of the world o...

Sometimes you just need a little treat. Believe it or not, there are ways to treat yourself without derailing your healthy way of life.  These homemade and healthy peppermint patties are not only delicious, but they are super easy to make! I tried out this recipe on my...

How many times have you tried to get healthy and then your birthday was around the corner, then came Thanksgiving, Christmas, a stressful project at work popped up, you haven't been sleeping well, and on and on and on?  

We celebrate everything with food and drinks...

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April 28, 2016

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